FREE indie film festival in Palm Bay, Florida

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                                 Ray and Migdalia Etheridge
                                              present the

July 20-21, 2018

FREE admission

Our 10th year, our 16th show.

An entertaining, and thought provoking program of short films, produced by indie filmmakers from all over the U.S., including comedy, drama, horror, suspense, animation, web series, trailers, and documentaries.  Click here for our full schedule and list of films.

About the Festival

We are often asked where the films come from, and who are the filmmakers.

The films were made by aspiring filmmakers of all ages and experience levels, from all over the U.S.  Many were produced by college students, and other films were made to "audition" various skills such as cinematography, editing, acting, or screenwriting. Budgets range from "zero" dollars, to many thousands of dollars. Some of the films were shot in a day, and others took months to finish.  Some were shot on cell phones, and others were shot on cameras that cost more than a Lexus. But regardless of the budget or available resources, what all filmmakers share in common is a genuine love of the creative process.  Most of all, they would like to have you come and see what they have created.  We've made that easy to do.  All shows are absolutely FREE to watch.  No admission!   Click here for our full schedule and list of films.

The Program
We are showing a total of 30 short films. 15 will be shown on Friday, and 15 on Saturday.  We are also pleased to present "Cause of Death: Homicide", a film which was shot here in Palm Bay with local actors.  This film is also presented free as part of the film festival.  Click here for our full schedule and list of films.