FREE indie film festival in Palm Bay, Florida

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This is our 10th year, and our 16th film festival.

We are often asked where the films come from, and who are the filmmakers.

The films were made by aspiring filmmakers of all ages and experience levels, from all over the U.S.  Many were produced by college students, and other films were made to "audition" various skills such as cinematography, editing, acting, or screenwriting.

Budgets range from "zero" dollars, to many thousands of dollars. Some of the films were shot in a day, and others took months to finish.  Some were shot on cell phones, and others were shot on cameras that cost more than a Lexus. But regardless of the budget

or available resources, what all filmmakers share in common is a genuine love of the creative process.  Most of all, they would like to have an audience see what they have done.

With today's technology, anyone can make a movie, but not everyone can make a GOOD movie...and that's where the "film festival" comes into play. A film festival is like a "clearing house" or "contest" which will sort through hundreds...sometimes THOUSANDS...of films, to find those worth watching. It's not an easy task.

We are a registered film festival, one of over 5000 worldwide.  We collect entries
from various sources over a period of several months, usually around 150 films, and then our panel of five volunteer judges goes to work selecting the best films for our show.   Other festivals go through the same process.  So when you see a film with a "festival laurel" by the title, there is something special about that film.
Our judges evaluate each and every film by its camera work, editing, sound mix, script, acting, and entertainment value.  Very few films have ever been given a perfect score, but those with the highest marks are included in our show, and compete for prizes in "best of" categories, such as "best editing", "best cinematography", and so forth.  Our winners may receive trophies, award certificates, and festival "laurels" for publicity purposes.  But the biggest thrill of all for any filmmaker is to simply have their film shown to a audience.  It's harder than you think to make this happen.

Films have not been rated,
and may contain adult
dialog or situations. Viewer
discretion is advised.
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